A wonderful custom mix of Scarlet Ohno Rivival Japonica, Chinese Thick-Stem, Scarlet Frills, Bau Sin Indian Mustard, and Magma Indian greens. Scarlet Ohno Rivival Japonica has a long, smooth, strap shaped leaf with a pinkish purple mid-rib. Chinese Thick-Stem is a succulent, mild mustard with an enlarged midrib. The flavor of both the greens and the midrib is outstanding raw, making an excellent contrast for mild lettuces in mesclun blends. Cooked, it has enough pungency and sweetness to be a crowd pleaser.  Scarlet Frils' spicy, dark red, ruffled leaves are the ultimate addition to your custom salad mix. Indian Magma leaves are purple on top, and green beneath, with very wavy frilled margins. Crinkled and savoyed leaves make a great cut salad or bunching green.   This mix is comprised of the various greens in these photos.